NRNA Australia President’s signature and letterhead misused in visa scandal

Kathmandu: Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) Australia is grappling with a serious breach as its president’s signature and official letterhead were illicitly exploited in a visa-related scandal. The incident centers around the issuance of an invitation letter falsely bearing the NRNA Australia president’s approval, aimed at facilitating an individual from Nepal to participate in the upcoming Holi festival in Burwood.

Expressing deep concern and condemnation, NRNA Australia emphasizes that the unauthorized use of the president’s signature and letterhead constitutes a severe case of document forgery. The organization has promptly reported the matter to both the Department of Immigration and the Australian Federal Police, urging a swift and thorough investigation to address this blatant misuse.

This egregious violation not only raises grave questions about the security of official documents but also underscores the potential risks associated with fraudulent visa processes. Authorities are now on high alert as they work to uncover the culprits behind this misuse of the NRNA Australia president’s credentials and to prevent any further abuse of such sensitive information in the visa application process.