NRB unveils a plan for province-specific commemorative coins valued up to Rs 4,000

Kathmandu: Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has launched a comprehensive plan to issue commemorative coins, representing all seven provinces. Valued at up to Rs 4,000 each, these coins are set to showcase symbolic elements from the religious, historical, cultural, and literary heritage of each province. NRB has confirmed the initiation of the coin issuance process, revealing that visits to five provinces have already taken place, with Sudurpaschim Province scheduled for study by January 29.

The production of these coins will commence upon final government approval, with an expected release by the end of the current fiscal year.

The ambitious plan includes the creation of 30,000 province-specific commemorative coins. Among these, 20,000 will be silver coins, valued at Rs 4,000 per 10,000 coins, while the remaining 10,000 will be cupronickel coins, each worth Rs 1,600 per 10,000 coins. Additionally, individual cupronickel coins will be available for purchase at Rs 100 each. Meanwhile, the NRB is concurrently involved in the printing of Rs 5 coins.