‘No treatment, No Tax’ campaign from Mt Everest

Photo Courtesy: Dujang Sherpa

Solukhumbu: The ‘No Treatment, No Tax’ campaign has been launched from Mount Everest, against the government’s decision not to provide free treatment to Corona infected. The activists have reached foot of the Mt Everest on Wednesday to protest against the government.
A team of Nepal Students Union leader Dujang Sherpa, who is also a delegate to the Nepali Congress General Convention, staged a protest at the foot of Mount Everest. They have protested against the government with placards in Gokyori at an altitude of 5,357 meters.
“Are we all silent while treating you, fleeing while treating the people?” ‘No treatment, no tax’ and ‘Why the government is running away from treatment to funeral in Corona Pandemic, why should the citizen pay the tax?’ Written placards were displayed.
Protesters say they marched near Mt Everest to let the world know about the government that fled the country during the epidemic.