Local government without communication

Kathmandu: Telephone and internet facilities have not yet reached the centers of 40 villages across the country. According to the National Federation of Village Municipalities, 40 out of 460 village municipalities across the country do not have telephone and internet facilities in their centers.
According to the federation, telephone service and internet service has not reached the upper Sankhuwasabha of State-1, Sunkoshi area of ​​Udaipur and Khotang, southern Lalitpur of Bagmati State and Dandapari area of ​​Kavre, West Baglung of Gandaki and North Gorkha among other municipalities.
Similarly, Rukum and Rolpa in Lumbini province, Jajarkot and Dolpa in Karnali province, Bajhang, Darchula and Bajura in the far west have 40 villages without telephone and internet access.
The federation has said that the federation has repeatedly asked the federal government to set up Nepal Telecom towers to provide services to the village centers and the surrounding settlements. The ministry has formatted various things from the budget to be posted online, but it cannot be done without internet. As per the federation Wi-Fi has been pulled from a distance, it only runs sometimes due to which most of the works are not being done.