Ninth National Games: Nepali Army at top position

Kathmandu: Nepali Army players have dominated the ninth national sports competition in Pokhara.

Karnali, Madhesh Pradesh and NRNA did not get any medals while Army was at the top position.

Army has won 28 medals including 9 gold, 9 silver and 10 bronze. Bagmati Province, which came second, won 10 medals including 5 gold, silver and 2 bronze.

APF won 19 medals including 4 gold, 6 silver and 9 bronze while Nepal Police Club won 5 medals including 2 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze.

Sudurpaschim, which is in the fifth position, got 4 medals including 1 gold and 3 bronze and Lumbini got 2 silver medals. Gandaki province has proved to be weak at home.

Gandaki is in seventh place with only 5 bronze medals. Province No. 1 won only 3 bronze medals. So far, 21 events have been completed.