New record for motorcycle sales in festive season

Kathmandu: Every year, focusing on Dashain, Tihar and Chhath festivals, motorcycle companies used to bring offers to customers who buy motorcycles and scooters. Offers came this year too, but the customer’s desire was different.

Dealers like Bajaj, Honda, Yamaha, TVS, Hero, Suzuki, Aprilia, Vespa, KTM, Benelli, Royal Enfield did not offer as many discounts as before in this decade. They did not even hold a big exchange fair.

Entrepreneurs were confident that the exchange fair would not be very result-oriented at this time. So their priority was not on the exchange. They wanted to sell a new motorcycle. The scheme was brought accordingly. Cash discount, 50 percent down payment with no interest rate was almost the same scheme of all the companies.

A new picture has emerged this year in the handshake between motorcycle dealers.It was found that they were explaining to their customers that their products are better than showing the weakness of each other’s models.The decade saw good competition between major companies Bajaj, Honda, Yamaha and TVS. Bajaj won the race, while the other three companies also managed to sell twice as much this year as in the previous decade.

However, the number of sales has not been released yet.The transport office was closed soon due to the infection of Kovid 19. Therefore, the motorcycles delivered by the companies have not been registered yet. Therefore, the exact number of motorcycles sold by which company in a decade will be known only after a decade. Based on our conversations with all motorcycle dealers, sales have more than doubled this year compared to the previous decade.

Although Covid 19 is considered to be the main reason for the increase in motorcycle sales, it can be estimated that the overall sales pressure after Chait has been concentrated in the decade. The companies had also cleared the stock of motorcycles in June and July with a big discount scheme. As local governments issued a restraining order in August, companies ordered more goods and had the opportunity to prepare for the decade.All the companies had made their preparations with the expectation of selling motorcycles in the decade.

Their guess was that the customers rushed to buy the motorcycle. Motorcycle sales are high due to the fearful rise in public imports and the long-term buyer’s reluctance.

Most companies had increased the price of their motorcycles by Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000 just before the announcement of the Dashain scheme. Customers took the price hike in their current models as normal and rushed to the showroom to buy.There was also a reduction in the schemes brought by the companies. In the scheme brought in June, the company gave a cash discount of up to Rs 15,000 on the current model and limited it to a maximum of Rs 12,000 in a decade. Suzuki brought Rs 12,000, Bajaj Rs 10,000, TVS Rs 9,000, Yamaha Rs 8,000, Hero Rs 5,000 and Honda only Rs 4,000.The companies liked the zero percent interest rate scheme the most. After making 50 percent down payment in this scheme, the remaining amount can be paid in 18 installments.

In which there was no interest. So many people took advantage of this scheme and bought motorcycles.