Hong Kong imposes second ban on Nepal Airlines

Kathmandu. The Hong Kong administration has banned Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) from flying for the second time for 14 days. With this ban, NAC’s flights will now be halted in Hong Kong until November 4. Earlier, Hong Kong had banned Nepal Airlines for 14 days. Less than four days after the ban was lifted, Hong Kong again banned Nepal Airlines from flying for a second time for 14 days.Hong Kong has imposed a ban after nine passengers of a Nepal Airlines flight to Hong Kong found to be infected with the corona virus on Wednesday. Four of the nine infected are women. All of them arrived in Hong Kong on October 20 from Nepal Airlines Flight RA 4099.

Head of the Center for Health Protection Communicable Diseases, Dr Chiang Shuk-Quan, as reported by the South China Morning Post, Nepal Airlines has been banned from flying for the second time in 14 days. Earlier, Hong Kong had imposed a two-week ban on six people who had gone to Hong Kong through Nepal Airlines on October 6 after being found to be infected with corona.

Passengers traveling from Nepal to Hong Kong have been found to have corona infection even though they have to show the ‘negative’ of the corona before going to Nepal from abroad and from Nepal. That is why Hong Kong has taken action against Nepal Airlines.