Nepali transgender activist Ruksana Kapali featured on BBC’s list of influential women

Kathmandu: Ruksana Kapali, a prominent transgender human rights activist from Nepal, has earned a coveted spot on the British Broadcasting Corporation’s (BBC) prestigious list of influential women for the year.

The annual list, released on Tuesday, comprises 100 women recognized for their inspiring contributions and impact on a global scale.

Kapali, a member of the Newa indigenous community in Nepal, has been acknowledged for her relentless advocacy work in championing the rights of transgender individuals, particularly focusing on the challenges faced by women like herself.

The BBC highlights the hurdles Kapali encountered during her upbringing due to the lack of information about her identity.

Undeterred by these challenges, Kapali has emerged as a vocal advocate for queer rights, utilizing social media platforms to address issues related to gender and sexuality.

Currently a third-year law student, she remains actively involved in advancing legal and constitutional rights for gender and sexual minorities in Nepal.

The BBC’s annual list, initiated in 2013, seeks to spotlight 100 women worldwide who have made significant contributions to women’s empowerment across various fields, including politics, enterprise, art, literature, and services.

Kapali’s inclusion is a testament to her impactful advocacy and the global recognition of her efforts in advancing the rights and visibility of transgender individuals.