Nepali movie ‘Aina Jhyalko Putali’ nominated for Oscar Award

Kathmandu: The movie ‘Aina Jhyalko Putali’ directed by Sujith Bidari has been recommended for the Oscar award.

The meeting of Nepal’s international feature film selection committee held on Monday recommended ‘Aina Jhyalko Putali’ among the films received.

The International Feature Film Selection Committee of Nepal had asked filmmakers who are interested in joining the Oscar competition to submit their films.

From Nepal, ‘Prakash’ directed by Dinesh Raut, ‘Radha’ directed by Suvarna Thapa and ‘Aina Jhyalko Putali’ directed by Sujit Bidari applied for participation.

The committee decided to recommend ‘Aina Jhyalko Putali’ after taking into consideration the technical aspect of the film, the presentation of the story, the emotional analysis of the characters and the artistry of the presentation.