Nepal Telecommunications Authority Chairman, Purushottam Khanal, Resigns

Kathmandu: Purushottam Khanal, the Chairman of the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA), has submitted his resignation from the position. The decision comes amid criticisms for not taking significant steps in various matters during his recent tenure.

NTA spokesperson Santosh Poudel informed today that Khanal has conveyed his resignation to the Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma. The irregularities and failure to fulfill responsibilities in issues such as the Telecommunications Traffic Monitoring and Fraud Control System (Teramaks), Mobile Device Management System (MDMS), Smart Cell’s share purchase/sale, among others, had been subject to criticism.

The matters related to Teramaks and MDMS have also reached parliamentary committees and are under consideration of the authorities. In such a situation, Khanal’s resignation from the post of Chairman of the Telecommunications Authority has been viewed as significant. According to sources, Minister Rekha Sharma had directed Khanal to resign, giving a warning of dismissal if he did not comply.