CIB arrests fugitive spiritual leader Ram Bahadur Bomjan from Kathmandu

Kathmandu: Ram Bahadur Bomjan, the elusive spiritual leader wanted by authorities, has been captured by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CIB). The arrest was confirmed by CIB spokesperson Navaraj Adhikari, who revealed that the operation unfolded in the Budhanilkantha Hattigauda area of Kathmandu.

“Bomjan, who has been on the police’s wanted list due to various complaints, was apprehended by the CIB team around 7 pm today in the Budhanilkantha vicinity,” stated Adhikari.

The police’s pursuit of Bomjan intensified following a complaint from his ashram, where four individuals, including a nun, were reported missing. Allegations against Bomjan include charges of murdering followers, causing their disappearance, and engaging in sexual assault.

Despite previous attempts by the police to arrest him, Bomjan had successfully evaded capture. Prior interventions involved police raids on Bomjan’s ashram in Sindhupalchok’s Indravati in Kamalamai municipality.

Compounding the severity of the accusations, an 18-year-old girl residing in Bomjan’s ashram had filed a rape complaint against him. Bomjan, who identified himself as the proponent of ‘Bodhimarg Darshanmaitri Dharma,’ faces pending charges in District Court Sarlahi. Despite court orders for his appearance, Bomjan consistently eluded the authorities.

Moreover, complaints surfaced regarding three young women and two young men who had gone missing in connection with Bomjan, further heightening the gravity of the allegations against the self-proclaimed ascetic. The arrest marks a significant breakthrough in the ongoing investigation into Bomjan’s alleged criminal activities.