Nepal sent a diplomatic note to India objecting construction of a one-way dam on Mahakali river

Kathmandu: The Nepal government has sent a diplomatic note to India regarding India’s construction of an unauthorized concrete structure by pushing the flow of the Mahakali river towards Nepal.

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sewa Lamsal, informed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had sent a diplomatic note through the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu.
He said that in the diplomatic note, the structure was built without the consent of Nepal and it has caused damage to Nepal, and it is mentioned that there should be agreement and coordination between the two countries to build the structure in the border area.

Khalanga residents have protested that the Indian side is building an embankment structure on the Mahakali river, saying that the Khalanga market in Darchula is at risk.

There was tension in the border area of ​​Darchula last Sunday when local residents protested about the construction of an embankment. Now the embankment construction work has halted though.