Nepal remains on black list of EU

Kathmandu: Nepal has again remained in the ‘Aviation Safety List’ of the European Union (EU).

The meeting of the Security Council held in May of the union has reiterated the blacklist of all airlines registered in Nepal, including the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal.

The Security Council meets twice a year in May and November. Only that meeting reviews this list.

For the same reason, it has been decided that Nepal will remain on the blacklist for at least 6 months. The EU has updated and published this list on Wednesday (June 7).

According to Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, the main reason for Nepal not being removed from the blacklist this time is the plane crash of Yeti Airlines that happened in Pokhara a month ago.

72 people died in the Pokhara accident. This was the biggest domestic flight accident ever in Nepal.

Nepal has been on the blacklist of the EU since 2013.