Nepal marks 14th Republic Day

Kathmandu: Nepal is marking its 14th Republic day today. It has been 13 years since Nepal was declared a Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. Republic Day is being celebrated by Nepalis at home and abroad in various ways.

The first meeting of the Constituent Assembly formed on the basis of the civil movement 2006/2007 had declared Nepal as a Federal Democratic Republic on June 1, 2008.

The end of the 238-year-long Shah dynasty is celebrated every year as Republic Day. But no formal ceremony has been held this year due to the risk of corona virus infection.

Despite the request to celebrate the republic as a celebration of people’s victory, the people are not enthusiastic about the loss of life due to lack of oxygen due to the Corona epidemic.

Meanwhile, President Bidhya Devi Bhandari, on the recommendation of the cabinet meeting, on the occasion of the 14th Republic Day, has pardoned 430 prisoners.

According to a statement issued by the President’s Office, the President has given the exemption on the basis of Article 276 of the Constitution of Nepal, Article 37 of the Criminal Offenses (Punishment and Enforcement) Act, 2074 BS and the Supreme Court’s order.