Nepal govt preparing to bring e-commerce policy

Kathmandu: Nepal government is preparing to bring new law for e-commerce platform. In order to regulate online businesses the government has prepared a new law.

The bill has been made to regulate electronic business (e-commerce) registered by the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Supply, has been submitted in the National Assembly of the Federal Parliament on Tuesday for approval.

According to the bill every businessman who wants to do e-commerce must establish an electronic platform (website, application and software system). Otherwise, it is considered as a violation of section 21 (a) of the same bill, and in such a case, according to section 22, the inspection officer can impose a fine of 10,000 to 50,000 rupees.

Similarly, there is also a provision in the bill that only persons, firms, companies or organizations who have received permission to trade goods or services can sell their product via online platform.

Such businessmen can run their own e-commerce business based on their own list or sell their goods and services through the platform of an intermediary e-commerce business.

The new bill has also mentioned that the e-commerce should be listed compulsorily.