NEA begins removing unmanage wires from Thamel area

Kathmandu: In order to make the tourist area Thamel clean and beautiful, Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has started to manage electricity, television cable, internet, telephone wires and equipments that have been haphazardly pulled.

With the participation of Thamel Tourism Development Council, Nepal Electricity Authority and cable and internet service providers, started removing and managing unorganized wires to beautify Thamel area.

Last October, the Authority had given a 45-day deadline to telecommunication, cable TV and internet service providers to build/manage their structures to provide reliable electricity service by reducing electrical accidents including fire and also to maintain urban beauty.

Under this, the unorganized wires and equipment of Thamel area have been started to be removed. In the course of cleaning the line in Thamel area, 48 trucks with unorganized and useless wires and equipment were taken out.