NAC seeks ground handling assistance from Air India

Kathmandu: In a bid to enhance operational efficiency, Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has solicited assistance from Air India to improve ground handling services.

A delegation led by Executive Chairman Yuvraj Adhikari traveled to New Delhi to meet with Air India CEO Campbell Wilson, initiating discussions aimed at bolstering ground handling operations.

According to NAC Spokesperson Ramesh Paudel, the meeting emphasized the need for agility in ground handling services and explored avenues for collaboration between the two airlines.

The grounding of a narrow body aircraft for four months has underscored the significance of efficient ground handling services at Tribhuvan International Airport, which serves as a key revenue source for NAC.

Paudel revealed that both parties informally agreed to explore cooperation on technical aspects and market management, signaling potential synergies between NAC and Air India.

The agreement between NAC and Air India reflects a proactive approach towards addressing operational challenges and fostering collaboration within the aviation sector.