NAC face charges in abroad

Photo Courtesy: Nepal Airlines Corporation

Kathmandu: Passengers who have tested negative for corona virus in Nepal have started looking positive abroad. This has hit the national flag carrier Nepal Airlines Corporation.
According to the airlines in the last few days, passengers who have taken PCR negative report from Nepal to Hong Kong, Dubai, Narita (Japan) and other destinations have seen positive after reaching the respective destination. This has also called into question the credibility of the test in Nepal.
Hong Kong has banned Nepal Airlines for the second time for bringing covid. A list of protocols with warnings has also come from Dubai and Narita airports.
If the passenger reaches the concerned country without following the protocol, the airline will be found guilty. Nepal Airlines has also expressed concern that the ban on the airlines is going to inflame the economy and the establishment.
On the other hand, the company has stated that there is no fault left for the implementation of the protocol prepared by the concerned body against the corona virus.
There is a provision to travel to the destination of Nepal Airlines flight from Nepal if there is a negative PCR report for the last 72 hours. However, the airlines have expressed concern over the re-examination of the passengers who arrived at the destination carrying the report.
Also, Nepal Airlines has requested the passengers to follow the health standards in the mandatory isolation after giving PCR.
Meanwhile, it has been clarified that the airlines will not take any responsibility if the PCR the report is negative. If the report is positive, the passenger has to take full responsibility himself.