Ministry of Agriculture claims: There is no shortage of chemical fertilizers

Kathmandu: The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development has claimed that there is no shortage of chemical fertilizer anywhere in the country.

The ministry has urged the people not to follow the rumors saying that the required fertilizer is available for wheat, mustard and vegetables.

“Large quantities of fertilizer are being made available and distributed. The purchased fertilizer is also continuously arriving in the country,” said Agriculture Secretary Yogendra Kumar Karki. Secretary Karki also said that DAP, potas and urea fertilizers are being distributed through Agricultural Input Company Limited and Salt Trading Corporation.

According to the ministry, the Salt Trading Corporation has 18,000 metric tonnes of urea, 13,000 metric tonnes of DAP in stock and will bring 30,000 metric tonnes of urea soon.

Similarly, the company has 300 metric tonnes of potas, 13,821 metric tonnes of DAP and 1,200 metric tonnes of urea. The ministry also claims that 9,704 metric tonnes of potas, 30,000 metric tonnes of urea and 10,000 metric tonnes of DAP are entering Nepal.

The ministry also said that discussions have been started with Oman and India for the purchase of fertilizer in GTG, leaving the door open for the purchase of fertilizer with Bangladesh.

The ministry said that the local level is being made responsible for the distribution of fertilizer and the use of software for tracking fertilizer distribution via online platform has reached the final stage.