Manakamana cable car will be closed for 6 days

Muglin (Rashtriya Samchar Samiti): Manakamana cable car will be closed for six days.
According to Ujjwal Sherchan, Deputy General Manager, Manakamana Darshan Pralika, the first phase of the cable car upgrade is to replace the bull wheel bearings with new ones as well as to close the cable car for bull wheel and other maintenance. He said that it will be re-regulated from April 13.

The restaurant at Ichchakamana-4 Cheres in Chitwan will continue to operate during the period, according to the company. Nepal’s first cable car, which was established 23 years ago, is going from analog to digital technology.

According to General Manager Sherchan, in the first phase, urgent and non-maintenance parts will be returned immediately, while in the second phase, infrastructure and other additional parts will be prepared to make it new technology friendly. In the final phase, the current analog technology will be upgraded to digital, he said.