Forest fires in 530 places of the country

Symbolic image of forest fire

Kathmandu: Forest fires are raging in 530 places across the country. According to the Forest Fire Identification and Monitoring System of the Department of Forest and Soil Conservation, fires are raging in 530 places in 60 districts.

According to the monitoring system, most of the forest fires are taking place in 31 places of Sindhuli. Similarly, fires are raging in 30 places in Bardiya and Doti, 29 places in Banke, 24 places in Makwanpur, 21 places in Salyan and 20 places in Okhaldhunga.

Large areas of forest have been destroyed by fire and some wild animals and birds have been killed. Many forest fires threaten to reach the settlements, prompting villagers to defend the settlements.

Along with the increase in fires, air pollution has also increased across the country. Kathmandu is now the most polluted city in the world. At present, the air pollution measurement index (AQI) in Kathmandu is 243. Yongan, the second most polluted city in Myanmar, has an AQI of 169.

According to the Department of Environment, the amount of pollution has increased due to forest fires in many parts of the country. Meanwhile, health experts have suggested not to go out of the house except for urgent work as air pollution has increased across the country including Kathmandu.