Labour Minister forms ‘martial team’ to navigate stranded migrant workers

Representative Photo

Kathmandu: The Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security has formed a ‘Martial Team’ after the number of Nepalis stranded in abroad increased.

After receiving complaints that Nepali citizens have been left stranded in different countries due to the temptation of foreign employment, a martial team has been formed under the coordination of the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry and action has been taken against the culprits with the participation of Nepal Police.

A task force has been formed under the coordination of the Home Ministry’s joint secretary on Wednesday to study the problems caused by the visit visa and make a concrete action plan after the number of Nepalis being deported and stranded in the UAE including other countries.

After that, the Ministry of Labor has formed an immediate response team under the coordination of the Director of the Department of Foreign Employment.

Complaints have been lodged with the ministry against licensed manpower, educational consulting firms, travel agencies and various intermediaries for allegedly bringing in foreign employment and leaving them stranded.