Labor minister announces revolutionary change: labor permits to be issued within an hour

Kathmandu: Labor, Employment, and Social Security Minister DP Aryal unveiled a remarkable transformation in labor permit issuance, declaring that permits will now be granted within a mere hour of application.

Speaking at a press conference on Sunday, Minister Aryal disclosed that labor permits will undergo swift processing, with approvals granted within the span of an hour upon the submission of required documents online during office hours.

This monumental initiative marks a significant departure from previous practices, signaling a profound shift in the facilitation of labor permits. Minister Aryal affirmed the sustainability of this reform, assuring that the accelerated processing time will remain a steadfast feature in the future. He remarked, “In the past, workers encountered obstacles in securing work permits for employment overseas. Today, we have successfully resolved this issue.”

Expressing unwavering confidence in the streamlined process, Minister Aryal emphasized its resilience, asserting that it will persist regardless of changes in government leadership or personnel.

This remarkable development promises to revolutionize the labor permit issuance system, offering unprecedented efficiency and convenience for workers seeking employment opportunities abroad.