Department of Health Services calls for collaborative efforts to uphold citizens’ health rights

Kathmandu: Today, on World Health Day, the Department of Health Services has issued an urgent appeal, emphasizing the critical need for cooperation from all stakeholders to advance public health and safeguard citizens’ health rights.

Highlighting health as a pivotal aspect of multidimensional development, the Department underscored that ensuring citizens’ right to health necessitates concerted efforts across multiple sectors.

In a statement released on the occasion of World Health Day, the Department urged all health-related entities, including international donor agencies, non-governmental organizations, and both public and private organizations, to intensify their efforts and collaborate in enhancing citizens’ health rights.

Expressing apprehension over escalating global health challenges posed by various diseases and pandemics, the Department drew attention to the adverse impact of environmental issues, such as climate change and pollution, on citizens’ right to clean air. Furthermore, it highlighted pressing concerns regarding food security, access to safe drinking water, and sanitation.

Alarming statistics were shared, indicating that pollution, both indoor and outdoor, claims a life every five seconds.

The Department affirmed its commitment to expanding public access to healthcare services and promoting mental well-being. It stressed the importance of advocating for issues concerning clean drinking water, air quality, nutrition, suitable housing, equity, and freedom from discrimination.

Referencing Article 35 of the Constitution, which guarantees citizens’ rights relating to health, including access to free basic health services and information about medical treatment, the Department emphasized the importance of equal access to healthcare and clean drinking water for all citizens.

World Health Day, observed today on April 7, carries the theme “My health, my right,” highlighting the fundamental importance of individuals’ rights to health and well-being.