KMC shows cold shoulder to social activist Iih’s protest over street seller issue

Kathmandu: Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has shown cold shoulder to social activist Iih’s demand who is on a protest for last 8 days in favor of street seller.

The National Human Rights Commission has also drawn serious attention of KMC to the health condition of Iih, who has been standing in front of the National Assembly in Kathmandu for eight days.

The Commission issued a statement on Wednesday and said that attention has been drawn to the health condition of ‘Iih’, who is standing and demanding that the small street sellers be managed with alternatives.

A high-level team led by Lily Thapa, a member of the commission, conducted a site monitoring on Tuesday and discussed with ‘Iih’ and his friends and traders around the protest site.

Due to the standing protest both legs of Iih have swollen and he has been taking medicine.

However, KMC has stated that Iih’s demand cannot be addressed from the metropolitan side.

Addressing the activist ‘Iih’, Mayor Balendra Sah made a statement on social media that the current legal arrangements cannot meet the demands of Iih.

Saying that he will not ignore the demands raised by ‘Iih’, Shah has said that doing business on the footpath or road is illegal.

He also said that even if any specific time be allocated for street sellers, the road will be blocked at that time.

Mayor Shah claims that according to the current law, not only the mayor but also the council of ministers cannot address this demand.