Kia became the third best selling car in Nepal

Kathmandu: Korean auto brand Kia has succeeded in climbing to the third position in Nepal. The Kia seltos and another model, the Sonet, have made the Kia the third-best-selling car in Nepal.

Kia, which has been in Nepal for more than 20 years, has become the third brand for the first time.

The number of Kia’s mid-SUV Seltos has sold more than a thousand units. The company has said that more than a thousand units of seltos have been sold in less than a year since its arrival in Nepal.

The sonet, which came to the Nepali market about two months ago, has sold more than 250 units.

Continental Trading Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., the authorized distributor of Kia vehicles for Nepal, had brought seltos to Nepal in December last year.

The car became the best-selling mid-SUV in 10 days after entering the market in neighboring India.
Seltos is produced at Kia’s plant in India. Korean automaker Kia has started production of seltos at its Indian plant from 2019.

The seltos Kia is a global model with an India-6 engine. The seltos has features like 10-inch screen, BOSE music system, front and back LED lights, air purifier, de-cut steering, and UV glass. The company says that other brands in this segment do not have such features.

The HTK, HTK Plus, HTX, HTX Plus variants of seltos ranging from Rs 4.9 million to Rs 8 million are available in the Nepali market.