Kathmandu Metropolitan City illuminates capital with 1,026 smart street lights

Kathmandu: Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has undertaken a transformative initiative by installing 1,026 smart street lights at strategic locations across the capital city. This innovative project aims to enhance urban infrastructure, traffic management, public safety, and overall social security during nighttime hours.

The distribution of these smart street lights includes 318 installations in the Maharajganj-Lainchaur-Jamal section, 363 along the Maharajgunj National Police Academy-Baluwatar-Naxal-Maitighar Mandala route, 181 from Kamalpokhari to Gaushala, 76 lining the Tripureshwor-Thapathali-Maitighar Mandala road, and 99 in the Chabahil-Boudha road section.

Padma Raj Paudel, the electrical engineer of KMC, shared technical details, revealing that 120-watt lights have been deployed on wider roads, while narrower roads are adorned with 90-watt lights. The installation process also included the addition of 177 new poles, utilizing 30,710 meters of wire for electricity connections.

In an environmentally conscious move, KMC has removed 421 solar panels that were considered unsuitable for integrating with the smart lighting system. These panels were originally installed by the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and private sector organizations.

KMC officials emphasized the comprehensive benefits of the modern street lights, emphasizing their role in traffic management and public safety. Once fully operational, all installed lights will be seamlessly integrated into a unified system, offering centralized control for adjustments such as brightness levels, dimming, and turning lights on or off.

The collaborative effort between KMC and NEA entails a cost-sharing arrangement, with KMC covering 60 percent of the estimated Rs 119.9 million for the installation of these smart lights, and NEA contributing the remaining 40 percent, as stipulated in their agreement. This ambitious project marks a significant stride towards a smarter and safer urban environment for the residents of Kathmandu.