Industry Minister’s requests Italy to increase investment in Nepal

Kathmandu: Minister of Industry, Commerce and Supply Ramesh Rizal has requested the Italian government to increase investment in areas that have high returns in Nepal.

In a courtesy meeting with Italy’s non-resident ambassador, Vincenzo Di Luca, on Monday, Minister Rizal requested to increase and diversify investments in information technology, infrastructure development, service sector, hydropower, agriculture sector, etc.

Appreciating the direct foreign investment from Italy, he expressed his belief that the ambassador will make maximum efforts to bring in investment in Nepal.

Bilateral relations, cooperation and trade and investment were discussed in the meeting. In the meeting, Minister Rizal recalled that Nepal and Italy have common views on various issues and have worked together in multilateral forums and expressed confidence that such relations will continue in the future.

He appreciated the support provided by the Italian government during the earthquake and the Covid-19 epidemic.

Mentioning that Nepal is at the stage of being upgraded from the status of an underdeveloped country, Minister Rizal expressed his belief that the Italian government will increase the scope of its assistance in the coming days.