Indian govt agrees to halt embankment of Mahakali river

Kathmandu: It has been agreed to stop the embankment work being done unilaterally by India on the banks of the Mahakali river in Darchula.

In the Nepal-India border coordination meeting held in Dharchula, India on Wednesday, there was an agreement to immediately stop work in the disputed area.

The meeting was held in the presence of Darchula Chief District Officer Upadhyay, Armed Police Chief SP Dumbar Bista, Nepal Police Chief DSP Tarkaraj Pandey and other security agency heads and representatives.

There was a dispute when India started constructing a concrete embankment unilaterally by turning the flow of the Mahakali river towards Nepal in Bangabagad area near the headquarters.

The local residents also demonstrated demanding to stop the construction work. At the request of the District Administration Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also sent a diplomatic note to India asking India to stop the work.