Illegal market of refurbished laptop in Nepal

Kathmandu: It has been revealed that old laptops are being imported and sold as new ones in Nepal.

Tribhuvan International Airport’s customs office has revealed this issue while examining four suspected laptops imported from Qatar and Dubai.

The custom office has stated that out of 1,000 units of laptop imported by three firms from Kathmandu and one from Lalitpur, about 500 laptops were found to be old and imported as new after the warranty expired.

All the laptops imported in this way belong to ‘Dell’ company. According to the customs office, during the study, it was found that laptops which were used once in a foreign country and did not work and were sent to the secondary market after the usage warranty expired were refurbished and brought to Nepal.

In the 2 months of the current financial year, Nepal has imported 19 ,508 laptops worth 1 billion 250 million rupees.