Election commission to collaborate with facebook to prevent misinformation

Kathmandu: The Election Commission has decided to cooperate with Facebook to discourage misinformation and hate speech during the House of Representatives and Province Assembly elections to be held on November 19.

The Commission discussed with the officials of Facebook’s South Asia Bureau on Sunday. According to the officials of the commission, Facebook also organized a virtual workshop for the representatives of the political parties on the dissemination of election materials and control of false information.

Similarly, the officials of the commission say that Facebook representatives are positive in discouraging false information, misinformation and hate speech.

According to the official of the commission, Facebook has promised to provide the necessary information about the expenses incurred by the candidates and their well-wishers during the election, and the expenses incurred by sharing social media posts.

The Commission had already discussed with the Tik Tok team about election education campaign and control of false information. Similarly, the commission said that discussions were also held with the Twitter team.