Hospitals in the valley announce not to admit new covid patients

Kathmandu: As the covid-19 cases are increasing day by day across the country, specifically in the Kathmandu valley, covid hospitals are running out of oxygen supply. Hospitals are announcing they are not able to admit new covid patients.

Issuing a statement today, The Manmohan Memorial Hospital in Kathmandu announced that no new covid patients will be admitted.

In a statement the hospital has said that the supply of oxygen can be avail for a few hours only thus they are not able to admit more patients.

“Even though the bed is avilable the hospital is not able to provide oxyzen service due to the problem in the supply of oxygen,” reads the statement. With the rapid rise in corona virus infections, the number of patients requiring treatment with oxygen has increased significantly.

Meanwhile, Green City Hospital has also announced that it will not be able to admit new patients of Covid-19 due to lack of oxygen.

The hospital said in a statement today that there is a problem with oxygen supply and that the hospital could not admit new patients and had to relocate patients at any time.

At present, 10 infected people are being treated in the ICU and 30 in the high care unit, according to the hospital. The hospital says that 250 cylinders of oxygen is required daily but it is very difficult to manage.