Hetauda Cement Industry resumes production after coal shortage disruption

Kathmandu: Hetauda Cement Industry has successfully recommenced cement production following a hiatus of three and a half months. The suspension was attributed to a shortage of coal, a crucial component in the cement manufacturing process.

Naveen Kumar Karna, Deputy General Manager of the industry, cited financial constraints as the primary obstacle in procuring coal during the production halt. The industry has now resumed operations after acquiring 1,800 metric tons of coal.

The daily coal requirement for the industry stands at 100 metric tons, a demand that was temporarily unmet due to the financial crisis. However, with the recent coal purchase and assurance of regular supply, General Manager Basant Raj Pandey expressed confidence in the sustained operation of the industry.

Despite the resumption, the industry faces a production setback as its machines are worn-out, limiting its capacity from the usual 18,000 sacks to 10,000 sacks per day.

Having been in commercial cement production since 2043 BS, the industry is a significant employer, directly engaging 150 individuals. General Manager Pandey revealed ongoing negotiations with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supplies to secure new equipment and subsidies for vital raw materials, including coal, aiming to enhance efficiency and production capabilities.

News Source: Rashtriya Samachar Samiti