Bagmati Province govt allocates 70% budget for construction of Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium

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Kathmandu: The Bagmati Province government has allocated 70% of the budget for the construction of the Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium in Bharatpur, Chitwan.
Economic Affairs Minister of Bagmati Province, Bahadur Singh Lamal, revealed that the provincial government is committed to overseeing the allocation and execution of this significant project. The Minister conveyed this information during a meeting with Bharatpur Metropolitan City Mayor Renu Dahal, expressing confidence in the municipality’s involvement in managing the budget for the stadium.
Lamal emphasized the importance of completing the stadium construction as it aligns with the pride and honor of the nation. He affirmed the government’s dedication to ensuring the successful implementation of the project and encouraged progress to move forward with certainty.
The Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium is poised to be a symbol of pride for the region, and Lamal reiterated the provincial government’s responsibility to fulfill this commitment.