Health ministry projects corona infection to increase by 11,000 per day

Kathmandu: The Ministry of Health and Population has projected that the coronavirus (Covid-19) infection in Nepal will reach a high point in June-July.

Minister Hridayesh Tripathi informed that 11,000 people would be infected daily in the last week of June and the first week of July and the number of active infected people would reach 600,000. “It has been projected on the basis of current trends,” he said. “Necessary preparations have been made for that.”

Minister Tripathi said that it is scary to see the infection of new variants in the youth and younger age group. To break the chain of transition , it has been recommended to close schools for a month in big cities including the valley and conduct online classes, he said.

According to him, the strategy is to test those who have come from abroad at the main checkpoint and send the infected to an isolation center or hospital. Minister Tripathi said that the process of setting up a holding center with a capacity of one thousand people at the main checkpoint has started.

Stating that all the hospitals in the Kathmandu Valley have been asked to be kept in a state of readiness, Health Minister Tripathi said, “Our effort is to prevent the country from falling into captivity again.”