Grand inauguration of E-library at Tribhuvan University celebrated by Kathmandu Metropolitan City

A view of Tribhuvan University building in Kirtipur, on Friday, March 08, 2019. Photo: Mausam Shah Nepali/THT

Kathmandu: Deputy Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC), Sunita Dangol, officially inaugurated the state-of-the-art E-library at the Central Department of Nepali, Tribhuvan University (TU). The inauguration marked a significant step towards harnessing 21st-century technology to showcase Nepal’s rich linguistic, artistic, literary, and cultural heritage on a global scale.

The E-library, enriched with a diverse collection of thousands of books related to Nepal, aims to facilitate global access to these invaluable resources. Deputy Mayor Sunita Dangol emphasized the importance of utilizing modern technology to amplify the global presence of Nepal’s cultural wealth.

The celebratory event, organized in collaboration with KMC, acknowledged the successful establishment of the E-library, funded through a generous contribution of Rs 5 million from the metropolis. Expressing her delight at the collaboration, Deputy Mayor Dangol pledged continuous support for the enhancement and development of the E-library.

Dr. Rajan Lal Joshi, Head of the Central Department of Nepali, disclosed that the E-library already boasts approximately four thousand books, comprising historical writings and traditional materials. Dr. Joshi encouraged enthusiasts of the Nepali language and Newar communities to actively engage with the E-library for scholarly pursuits.

The event featured speeches from esteemed dignitaries, including Dr. Bajramuni Bajracharya, Dr. Laxman Bir Singh Kunwar, Prof Dr. Jibandhar Gyawali, and others. Scholarships and awards were conferred upon outstanding students in Nepali language postgraduate studies, alongside accolades for excellence in research.

Notable figures present at the event included Prem Sharan Shrestha, Director-General of the Department of Information Technology, and Dr. Omkareshwar Shrestha, the former head of the Central Department of Nepali. Their presence added to the significance of the occasion, underscoring the collaborative efforts to promote and preserve Nepal’s cultural heritage through advanced technological means.