Druk Air introduces chartered flights on Paro-Pokhara-Delhi route

Kathmandu: Bhutan’s prominent airline company, Druk Air, is set to elevate its services with the introduction of chartered flights on the Paro-Pokhara-Delhi route, commencing from March of the upcoming year. Currently operating commercial flights on the Paro-Kathmandu-Delhi route, Druk Air aims to enhance its connectivity by incorporating Pokhara as a new destination.

Official communication from Druk Air to the Nepalese authorities regarding the initiation of chartered flights from Pokhara in March has been confirmed by Jagannath Niraula, spokesperson for the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN).
“The company has initiated correspondence with the Pokhara Regional International Airport,” stated Niraula, highlighting the ongoing efforts to formalize the operational aspects. It was noted that Druk Air had previously submitted a comprehensive two-way flight plan for the Paro-Pokhara-Paro route. Additionally, the airline had commenced preparations for a connecting flight plan to Delhi, indicative of its commitment to expanding regional air connectivity.

As of now, both Royal Bhutan Airways and Druk Air serve as key contributors to regular flight services from Bhutan. In Nepal, Society International acts as the General Sales Agent (GSA) for Royal Bhutan Airways, while Danfe Travel holds the GSA responsibility for Druk Air. These developments underscore the growing collaboration and commitment among regional airlines to enhance accessibility and convenience for travelers.