Govt warns to get permission for adventurous recreational activities

Kathmandu: The government has called for mandatory permission before engaging in adventure sports and recreational activities. According to the Tourism Industry Service Flow Directive 2070 BS, mandatory permission must be obtained from the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation and Department of Tourism before conducting adventure and recreational sports and activities.

However, the information was issued after complaints were received that such activities had increased without permission in different parts of the country, said Rudra Singh Tamang, director general of the department.

“There have been complaints that such activities have increased across the country without permission,” he said, “A few weeks ago, a young man was killed in an accident while playing a car race in Kavre . This adventurous recreational activity is not registered with the Department of Tourism.”
According to Tamang, there have been complaints of not getting permission for zipline and bungee in some places.

The department has also requested to get permission by fulfilling the provisions of the directive within 35 days if such activities are taking place across the country. The department has warned that such activities will be carried out in accordance with the law without completing the process.
Recently, paragliding is being tested in various places across the country. For this, permission has to be obtained from the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal. Tamang said that action would be taken against the operators for carrying out all kinds of activities without permission.