Govt struggles to curb gold smuggling, challenges in control despite various measures

Kathmandu: In a recent investigation by the Department of Customs, it has been revealed that the government has been unable to effectively control gold smuggling, especially when the smugglers operate cunningly.

Today, during the department’s examination, Director-General Shobhakant Paudel acknowledged that despite the government employing various methods and techniques to control smuggling, it remains a significant challenge, leading to issues in curbing theft and illicit activities.

Following a recent case of gold smuggling, Director-General Paudel admitted that although the department has been working diligently, complete prevention of smuggling has proven elusive. “We have tried various measures and techniques against gold smuggling, but it continues to be a problem, especially in areas where the country is vulnerable,” stated Director-General Paudel.

He further elaborated that while the department has been working with determination using innovative methods, controlling gold smuggling comprehensively has been difficult. “We have adopted new approaches and techniques in dealing with gold smugglers, but they seem to adapt to new methods in the country where weaknesses persist,” mentioned Director-General Paudel.

Responding to questions about why the department has not been able to detect gold smuggling through airports, Director-General Paudel pointed out weaknesses in the overall system. He highlighted the lack of equipment such as metal detectors and X-ray machines in the airport for thorough inspections, not only in the customs department but also in other sectors like security administration and airport personnel.

Director-General Paudel expressed concerns about the challenges in controlling gold smuggling and urged for improvements in the airport’s infrastructure and overall administration. He emphasized the need for the procurement of advanced X-ray machines to facilitate a more effective checking process. Furthermore, he called for continuous enhancements in the entire governance system to strengthen the control over gold smuggling.