Govt set a criteria for free corona treatment

Kathmandu: Nepal government has set a criteria for the free treatment of covid-19 infection. The Ministry of Health and Population has categorized those infected with free treatment into seven lists. According to the list made public by the Health Emergency Operations Center under the Ministry, the first priority is to provide free treatment is to the needy.
Now, if any infected person submits his / her certificate of deprivation or declares himself / herself, the government will provide free treatment to such infected people.
Similarly, the government has also promised to provide free treatment to the disabled people. In the third lists, helpless people will also get free covid-19 treatment from the government. For which such person has to make a recommendation from their local government or self-declaration. Likewise, helpless single women in the fourth category will also get free treatment if they have a certificate or self-declaration. Fifth, those with severe disabilities are also said to receive free treatment. For that, the infected person has to submit a certificate of disability.
Sixth, the government will provide free treatment to senior citizens who are infected. The information made public by the ministry states that free treatment will be provided if the self-declaration of citizenship certificate or age has reached 70 years.
And the seventh is health workers, sanitation workers, security personnel and other employees working in the risky areas will also be treated free of cost.
Such persons have to submit their identity card or recommendation letter of the concerned office. However, in the case of insured persons who have reached the mentioned basis, it is mentioned that all the testing and treatment expenses will be deducted from their insurance amount. Apart from these, in the case of other persons, the government has decided that the entire cost of treatment should be beared by the infected person himself.