Government issue an ordinance in favor of Resham Chaudhary

Kathmandu: The government has made it clear that the government is going to amend the National Criminal Code in order to pardon those involved in violent activities and bring them to peaceful politics.

After the promulgation of this ordinance, Resham Chaudhary and others who are serving life imprisonment will be pardoned and released from prison.

At the press conference held to publicize the decision of the cabinet, Government Spokesman Gyanendra Bahadur Karki said that he recommended to the President to issue an ordinance to give opportunities to all those who want to contribute to the country by focusing on the current needs.

He said that the government’s aim is to bring political parties or groups involved in violent activities into the mainstream while disagreeing with the country’s political system.

He has also defended the government’s decision by saying that previous governments have also given pardons in this way.

Meanwhile, others are protesting against the government’s decision of issuing an ordinance to amend the Criminal Code to release Resham Chaudhary and others from jail.