Gold prices reach all-time high in domestic market

Kathmandu: Price of gold surged by Rs 900 per tola on Monday, reaching an unprecedented all-time high.

As of today, fine gold is trading at Rs 141,800 per tola, marking a substantial increase from Rs 140,900 per tola recorded the previous day. Similarly, the price of standard gold has witnessed a significant rise, reaching Rs 141,100 per tola, compared to Rs 140,200 per tola on Sunday.

This surge in gold prices reflects heightened demand and investor interest in the precious metal, driven by various economic factors and market dynamics.

Moreover, the price of silver has also experienced an uptick, with an increase of Rs 30 per tola. Currently, silver is trading at Rs 1,940 per tola, up from Rs 1,910 per tola observed yesterday.

The notable increase in both gold and silver prices underscores the evolving market conditions and investor sentiments, with precious metals continuing to be sought after as safe-haven assets amid economic uncertainties.