Free treatment of covid halted after hospital’s income decrease; Health Secretary Aryal

Photo courtesy: Ministry of Health and Population

Kathmandu: The Ministry of Health and Population has clarified that the treatment of corona infected could not be provided free of cost due to declining income of hospitals.
Secretary at the Ministry of Health and Population Laxman Aryal said that the decision was taken after the number of patients in the covid-19 pandemic decreased and the income of the hospital decreased and the health workers could not get paid. Thus the ministry has taken decision of charging for covid treatment.
“Even the government hospitals have been told to take money from those who can afford it, because they cannot pay their salaries and allowances to the workers due to low income,” Aryal told Parliament’s Education and Health Committee on Friday.
In the committee meeting, the lawmakers had remarked that the government had violated the fundamental rights of the citizens by charging for corona testing and treatment.
Secretary Aryal said that the proposal for free treatment would now be taken to the Council of Ministers as the Supreme Court had ordered free test and treatment to covid infection.
When does free treatment begin? In response to a question from the lawmakers, Secretary Aryal said, “The decision of the Council of Ministers is to make the entire treatment free of cost.”