Founder of Bibeksheel Sajha Ujjwal Thapa passes away

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Kathmandu: Ujjwal Thapa, the founding leader of Bibeksheel Sajha Party, has died at the age of 44. He died at Medicity Hospital at 4:25 pm on Tuesday.

Thapa, who fell seriously ill with covid-19 infection, was initially admitted to Grandy Hospital. Later on he was transffered to Medicity Hospital.

According to the hospital, Thapa’s PCR test on Monday had a negative result but his body parts were not working properly and his health condition could not change due to a complex infection.

“Despite the doctors’ tireless efforts and the best wishes of all, his condition did not improve,” said a statement issued by Medicity Hospital.

A statement issued on behalf of the family and well-wishers states that the family wishes to conduct his funeral in a simple family manner.

Advocating alternative politics in Nepal, Thapa is an information technology entrepreneur by profession. Bibeksheel Nepali, which started as a campaign under his leadership, was registered with the Election Commission and participated in the election.

After he fell ill due to a corona infection, the well-wishers for his treatment also organized a spontaneous fundraising campaign, where thousands of ordinary citizens from home and abroad helped him with his treatment.