Foreign Minister NP Saud holds diplomatic talks with Qatari Prime Minister Al-Thani

Kathmandu: In a diplomatic engagement, Nepalese Foreign Minister NP Saud held discussions with the Prime Minister of Qatar, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al-Thani.

During the meeting on Monday, Foreign Minister Saud conveyed Nepal’s appreciation for Qatar’s efforts in securing the swift release of Vipin Joshi, a Nepali student who had been held captive by Hamas. He extended gratitude for Qatar’s strong initiative in ensuring Joshi’s safe return and requested continued support for similar cases.

Minister Saud discussed the bilateral relations between Nepal and Qatar, emphasizing the significant role played by Qatar as a mediator in the Middle East issues. He expressed hope for enhanced cooperation between the two nations, particularly in the field of humanitarian affairs.

Responding to Nepal’s Foreign Minister, Prime Minister Al-Thani highlighted Qatar’s commitment to actively working on the release of foreign detainees. He assured Saud of Qatar’s dedication to addressing the humanitarian aspect of such cases promptly. Al-Thani also acknowledged the positive state of relations between Nepal and Qatar and emphasized the importance of their continued collaboration.

Foreign Minister Saud and Prime Minister Al-Thani engaged in conversations covering various topics, including trade and investment, development assistance from the Qatar Fund for Development, and potential high-level visits. The discussions aimed at strengthening the diplomatic ties between the two nations.

Minister Saud, who is also a participant in the Doha Forum 2023, provided insights into the diverse perspectives shared by leaders, government officials, private sector representatives, and communication professionals from various countries during the event.

The diplomatic talks between Minister Saud and Prime Minister Al-Thani underscored the mutual respect and cooperation between Nepal and Qatar, marking a positive step in furthering diplomatic relations.