Activist Iih announces 108-Hour protest against street vendor ban in Lalitpur

Kathmandu: Fueled by a commitment to advocate for the rights of street vendors, activist Iih has declared a 108-hour protest in front of Lalitpur Metropolitan City. This move is in response to the city’s recent decision to prohibit street vendors along the Mangalbajar-Lagankhel road.

Having previously staged a 199-hour protest outside the Kathmandu Metropolitan City office, demanding accountability for the perceived mistreatment of street vendors, Iih is now redirecting his efforts toward Lalitpur Metropolitan City.

The activist is scheduled to commence his stand-in protest at 3 pm on Wednesday, emphasizing the urgency and gravity of the situation.

Iih has called on the metropolis to reconsider its decision to ban street vendors during specific hours on the Mangalbajar-Lagankhel road. The activist contends that such restrictions negatively impact the livelihoods of street vendors and urges the authorities to revisit the policy in the interest of fairness and inclusivity.

This demonstration follows a growing trend of civic activism aimed at safeguarding the rights of street vendors and promoting equitable urban policies. Iih’s dedication to this cause is evident in his prolonged protests, and his actions aim to draw attention to the challenges faced by marginalized vendors in metropolitan areas.