Fire outbreak in Manang came under control after snowing

Manang (Rastriya Samachar Samiti): The forest fire in Manang was out of control for a long time.

The fire, which could not be brought under control by human resources, is now being brought under control. The forest fire is coming under control as soon as it started snowing in Manang.

Chief District Officer Bishnu Lamichhane informed that the fire in Manang has come under control due to the climate change. Lamichhane said that the fire is coming under control due to snowfall in the hilly and terai areas due to the change in weather.

“It was difficult to control the forest fire in Manang when it did not snow. The fire has been under control since it started snowing on Friday morning. The fire will be completely under control if the snowfall continues,” he said.

He said that nature has controlled the fire which could not be controlled by using human resources.

The fire that had been raging in various forests of Manang for a long time had hampered the protection of some villages and settlements. The fire, which started when there was no snowfall, made it difficult to protect the human settlements in the area and destroyed the habitats of wild animals.

The locals were also worried about the destruction of the protected animal and bird habitat in the forest of Manang. In the forest of Manang, habitats of various animals including squirrels, leopards and bears have been destroyed. Although human settlements have been saved, the habitats of wild animals and birds have not been saved.

Kashi Gurung, a local of Naso Village Municipality-8, said that he felt safe when the fire was brought under control after the snowfall. “We could not even eat or sleep for many days when the fire broke out. The fire has been brought under control after the snowfall. We are happy,” he said.

The people of Manang are now happy after the snowfall. The people of Manang are happy that the fire will be brought under control after the snowfall and the snow will help in production.