Electricity demand increases

Kathmandu: The domestic demand for electricity has skyrocketed during the winter season . According to the Nepal Electricity Authority, the peak demand for electricity this year has increased by an average of 300 MW as compared to last year.

Consumption is increasing on a daily basis due to the increase in the use of electric stoves, air conditioners and other household appliances, the increase in the use of electric vehicles, and the provision of sufficient electricity to large industries.

The high demand for electricity in the system was 1539 MW on December 12. This is 322 MW more than the demand of 1217 MW on the same day last year. On this basis, peak demand for electricity has increased by 26.5 percent as compared to the same day last year.

In order to meet the peak demand of the system, 540 MW was imported from NEA’s power houses, 529 MW from NEA’s subsidiary power houses, 425 MW from private sector power houses and 25 MW from India. On the same day, 4 MW of electricity was also exported to India during peak hours.

Demand for electricity has also skyrocketed in the Kathmandu Valley and surrounding areas. The maximum demand for electricity in Kathmandu Valley has increased by an average of 90 MW. The peak demand of Kathmandu Valley, which was 293 MW last year, has reached 382 MW this year.