Electrical mapping of soil quality completed

Kathmandu: The National Soil Science Center under the National Council of Agricultural Research (NARC) has completed electronic mapping of soil quality after four years of study.

The map, that has been finalized to be made public this year, will be able to find out the quality of soil in 56 districts via online platform.

Farmers can now easily access information such as soil fertility, acidity, organic matter and soil texture through their websites. According to NARC, the electronic report was prepared on the basis of the results of 23,273 soil samples from across the country. Other districts will also be included in the mapping soon, NARC stated.

What is the element that the farmer does not reach the soil of his land with electronic mapping, how can it be filled? Which crop produces better? They can easily get information like how much fertilizer to use. The mapping work will provide complete information about soil not only to farmers but also to policy makers, researchers, agricultural technicians, private sector service providers and fertilizer importers.

According to the Center for Soil Science, about four dozen scientists participated in the mapping process, which was held in Nepal for the first time in South Asia. The Center has also briefed Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on Sunday about the electronic mapping of soil.