Both Nepal-China checkpoints remain close

Photo Courtesy: Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS)

Kathmandu: Two trade ports between Nepal and China have remained closed after Chinese customs yard workers went on holiday in Lhosar.

At present, Tatopani checkpoint at Sindhupalchowk and Rasuwagadhi checkpoint at Rasuwagadhi are closed.

Rasuwagadhi Customs Office+9 stated that the limited import from the checkpoint, which has not been fully operational for a year due to corona, has been stopped since Thursday. As the Chinese workers have gone on holiday for Lhosar imports at the rate of five containers a day have also come to a standstill.

The import is likely to be affected for another 10 days.

According to the customs office, the Tatopani checkpoint has also been closed due to Lhosar. Tatopani Customs Office stated that imports have been halted since Friday when Chinese businessmen and workers went on holiday for Lhosar. Once the workers return, 25 containers of goods will arrive daily when the checkpoint is opened.